Help with shader (in iq's 1k framework)


I downloaded iq’s isystem package (link: ) today and started playing around with the i1k_OGLShader. Getting it to work was surprisingly easy, but then I tried putting something different into the shader.h. I found a fun effect on and tried it out. I think I have tried a lot now, but I just can’t it to work. Can anyone spot what is wrong with the following paste of the the shader:

It is taken from this effect: .

I tried running the code from a normal OpenGL context based on glfw and OpenGL 3.3 shader and it worked just fine. I just can’t put the finger on what I did wrong in the iq framework. The code can also be seen here The output I am getting is just a screen with a color, like the shader isn’t doing any work.

Can anyone point out what (one or many) mistakes I have made?