help with register combiners

Sorry if this is regarded as a double post (posted in begginers yesterday),… but i really need help!!

Could someone please give me and EASY example of register combiners … I’ve read through the nvidia docs and src, but still dont have a full understanding of it, and i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a basic program using register combiners, so that i can get an idea of what is going on?


You might want to look at the opengl demo in the opengl SDK from nvidia called vtxprg_regcomb_setup. This demo demonstrates using nvparse for register combiners which is to me anyway an easier way to use the combiners, this demo also shows how to do bump mapping and does some stuff with vertex programs. Its a very good demo.

I at first felt the same way as you do when I started trying to learn reg. combiners. But after looking at some examples, messing around with them, and reading the presentations on combiners a lot, I finally understand them a good deal and am making some pretty cool stuff with them.


Great thanks!

I will look for that now, thanks for your help… i had read the papers and viewed the nvidia code for them, but it sort of flew over my head

hmmm now i have to figure out how to use this