Help with Opengl

when i had windows 98 every thing worked fine for me but when i upgraded to win2k things started to happen. when i tried to install quake3 and tried to play it would not let me becaus it said could not load gl sub system. so i went to the site to and tried to down load it from there but it gave message about go here for new win drives. So i went here and down loaded the opengl95.exe, it said put these files in this folder but i not sure which one to put it in. So please can u tell me what to do when i want to install opengl on win2k and how to do it, and where to oput thoese files

as frst you did not say your configuration
so i can tell you directly !
Frst download the last drivers from internet
(if is nVidia, DETONOTAR (2k/XP),f you had
VIA CHIPset on your mainboard install the last drivers 4in1 (download from VIA Site)
You can not enable AGP Control without
thi via Driveeeeers !
meNGele ! S E R B I A !

thanks i will try that now but if anyone else can help me if it does not work it would be wolcemed