help with opengl shading language...

hi all,

I am new to opengl and glsl… am trying to use a vertex shader in my code,the GL_ARB_vertex_shader and the GL_ARB_fragment_shader extensions are not available in my system , i do have opengl 1.4, I have included glew.h and the libraries are in the lib… I don’t know what to do else, please i need help so that my system will have these extensions…

best regards

if they not supported, nothing you can do. only software rendered with Mesa then.
if you are under mac or win see this to know what is supported and what not.

You can find directX 10 (openGL3.0) hardware at 50€ / 60$… and openGL 2.1 HW cost nothing. If you are not on a palm I think that it’s a driver problem.

The problem is that I read somewhere that these extensions can be supported by opengl 1.4!!

“can” is the magic word here but apparently yours cant. find some demos using this extension and try to run them on your hardware.

That’s what I did… I’ve tried some demos and they didn’t work… It seems that I have to upgrade my hardware… Thanks guys for your help…