help with opengl 2

does silicon intergrated system graphic chips support opengl

prickley heat…my graphic is intergrated, and they use 64mb, I have 288mb system mem.
they are sis730s
how do you updated these post, when you get a reply

okay. firstly, opengl2 isn’t out yet. so you don’t have a problem with it.
secondly, I once had a sis chip. They are too slow for games. Buy a graphics card.
This good for 2 reasons. one make graphics pretty. two make computer work faster, by freeing up more ram.

Can you help me?
I have a problem which will probably be more on your level. I hyave posted it as a new topic titled Problem with my coffee cup holder, or something to that effect.


Gill Bates

I imagine that the SiS730 does support OpenGL, because the SiS630 dupports it. Try downloading the latest drivers from the SiS site (