help with objects?

Hi, i’m trying to make a model viewer using C++ and I want to use Objects. I’m so used to C I’m having a hard time figuring out how to organize my project. Right now I just have two objects, a model object and a camera object. All I really want this program to do is load up a model (3DS) , display it, and let the user rotate it, and zoom in and out. Am I missing anything else?
Is it ok to have the camera and model seperated like this? I figure I’ll need some helper classes too, like some vertex class, and maybe some kind of linked list, maybe the STL? Can any one help?

Sounds a fine design for something like this.
Vertex helper classes are useful, as are other mathematics stuff (matrices etc.) seperating camera and model classes I see no problem with.


There is some free source at available here which does what you’re looking for.

It’s written in Visual C++ using MFC for Windows, but may help demonstrate object handling, 3DS loading, etc.