help with normals

i have this function that i made,it will eventually do smooth normals but for now i want face normals to work
here is the function:

void SmoothNormals(float *coords,float *normals,int ncoords,float angle) {
for(int i = 0;i < ncoords;i += 9) {
Vector3 vVector1(coords[i],coords[i+1],coords[i+2]);
Vector3 vVector2(coords[i+3],coords[i+4],coords[i+5]);
Vector3 vVector3(coords[i+6],coords[i+7],coords[i+8]);

	Vector3 mVector1 = vVector2 - vVector1;
	Vector3 mVector2 = vVector3 - vVector1;

	Vector3 vNormal = Cross(mVector2,mVector1);
	vNormal = Normalize(vNormal);
	for(int j = 0;j&lt;9;j+=3) {
		normals[i+j] = vNormal.x;
		normals[i+j+1] = vNormal.y;
		normals[i+j+2] = vNormal.z;


and this is how i draw the mesh:



for (int k = 0;k &lt; (mesh.nCoords);k+=3) {

but when i run the program the mesh draws fine but it is all one colour and there are no visible faces
whats going wrong?

your normals may be in reverse, or upside down(facing away from the viewing vector) or you may have a viewing problem