help with .net

i am trying to convert my openGL stuff to .net from studio v6, but cannot find the properties menu to insert the necessary libs. has anyone else had this problem? please help. thanx.

  • Right click the project in the Solution Explorer
  • Select Properties
  • Click on Linker to the left
  • Click on Input
  • Enter additional libraries into the Additional Dependencies field.

Note: I just went through this to look quickly. I could be wrong, but I think that the above is correct. I still use VC6 for my OpenGL stuff and only use the .Net stuff for work related C# projects.

Thanx for the help and i did that but am still getting errors with .net. do i need need to download anything to get it to run in .net or should it just run with the inserted libraries.

“Getting errors” is pretty generic. I can’t really help w/o more specific info on what the specific errors are.

i am using nehe’s tutials to help me learn openGL and when i build it i get
‘error LNK2005’
is this a path error? if so how should i fix it?

That’s it? It just says ‘error LNK2005?’ Usually there is also a more descriptive error. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to go through and memorize all the possible compiler/linker codes by number yet. I usually can get by pretty well on the more descriptive error.

Without looking up what that specific error is, I would guess it’s a linker error from the LNK part. What’s not being linked? Who knows. I don’t think you provided the full message. It could be anything from underesolved symbol _main or WinMain to unresolved symbols for the gl functions, to any other number of possible link errors. In each case, the solution is a different one.

Ok. I took the time to lookup the error in MSDN. That’s the error for multiple defined symbols. Which symbol is multiply defined? Again, you didn’t provide that info. I’ll let MSDN speak for me on how to possibly fix your error.

Linker Tools Error LNK2005
symbol already defined in object

The given symbol, displayed in its decorated form, was multiply defined.


One of the following may be a cause:

The most common cause of this error is accidentally linking with both the single-threaded and multithreaded libraries. Ensure that the application project file includes only the appropriate libraries and that any third-party libraries have appropriately created single-threaded or multithreaded versions.

The given symbol was a packaged function (created by compiling with /Gy) and was included in more than one file but was changed between compilations. Recompile all files that include the symbol.

The given symbol was defined differently in two member objects in different libraries, and both member objects were used.

An absolute was defined twice, with a different value in each definition.

This error is followed by fatal error LNK1169.

i got everything to compile and run, but right before it runs i get an error message on my laptop saying ‘can’t create a GL rendering context’. does this mean i don’t have a good enough video card? thanx

I dont think so… What video card do you have?
Did it ever work with vc 6? If it did, then it obviously not a video card problem…

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