Help with MOHAA

The game loads ok, but when you click new game and go to the training mission and click it the screen goes gray you can still hear sounds but the screen is completely GRAY HELP PLEASE

Mine does the same thing except insead of going gray it just crashes

Originally posted by smartguy:
Mine does the same thing except insead of going gray it just crashes

I have a Geforce Nvidia card and get to the point where I’m about to start a mission or training and the whole thing freezes until I reboot. Please let me know if you find a solution

i have the same problome it starts and evrything but when i load it crash

help me!!!

The first thing you should do when you’re posting a message to a discussion board is to list all the features of your system to make it easier to troubleshoot. Here’s a list of some of the more common things you should include when requesting help.

Brand of motherboard (not always necessary)
Processor (AMD, Intel, Cyrix, etc.)
Brand of video card and amount of memory
Brand of sound card
Speed of CD-Rom drive
Brand and size of hard drive (space left as well. If there’s not enough room then it wont work properly)
Amount of memory
Brand and type of operating system

Once you’ve posted this information then I or we can help you. It’s easier for you to tell me what you’ve got in your pc than it is for me to guess. Without it the chances of finding a solution are as likely as looking into a crystal ball to get your answer. I Look forward to helping you.

I have the same problem with a Geforce 3. What operating system are you using. Im using XP and I think that could be the problem.

I have a problem on MOHAA.When I try to go to training or the game it starts to load and then chrashes!My consle window says I need a Open GL.Where can I get one!