Help with GLAUX.DLL

When I try to compile stuff from NeHe’s tutorial using MingW32 (Bloodshed Dev-C++), it compilers okay, but I when I run the program it says that GLAUX.DLL couldn’t be located. When I try to compile using BCC32, I get a helluva lot of undefined references. I looked in the libs dir, and didn’t find anything that looked like a GL lib. Do I have to download anything or link with any other libs? Thanks in advance.

In Dev-C++ you must copy the GLAUX.DLL
to windows/system.But when I try use a glaux
it not go.In BCC go to …/lib/PSDK.
Then copy OpenGL32.lib,Glu32.lib and GLaux.lib into Lib.

Here is a gluax.dll

For Borland can you try this page