Help with environmental mapping, plz help

Hey all, I am very new to OpenGL and I’ve been playing around with source code from a lot of tutorials like motion blur, soft shadows, and even just simple stuff like getting a cube on screen. I have had endless trouble finding a good environmental mapping tutorial that has source code that will compile and run. Can anyone give suggestions? BTW I am using Vista, GLUT, and Visual Studio 2008.

Here is one example of code that I couldn’t get to work, and it uses bumping mapping too,

It kept saying that it couldn’t find GL/glext.h…

I found another good demo with code, but I can’t convert it to VS2008, can anybody else get it to compile? The .exe works fine, but I want to mess around with the code so I can reproduce the effect…

For the missing glext.h :

Some more background, explaining how to use the GL extensions :

You have to know though, that any example not using GLSL is in fact quite deprecated.
Go here, and get “GLSL demo”, both exe and source, there is a
There is an “EnvMap” shader example.

Thanks for bring GLSL to my attention. I looked at your links and then googled around and found ShaderDesigner IDE,

It seems like all I need to do with ShaderDesigner is make a shader (I can use their sweet pre-made ones at the moment), and apply them to objects in an opengl program I make. Things like environmental mapping should be cake once I have the shader code right?