Help with documentation and texel fill-rate

I’m trying to a programming guide like this here
except for AMD 7000’s series (or newer NVIDIA/ATI hardware). G80 architecture is a little old and computation cores have increased in capabilities since then.
Another thing that could help is programming hints. An example would be how ,ost boards say that display lists are the FASTEST way to render static geometry on NVIDIA-class hardware.

I’m also wondering if texture fill-rate is affected by the fragment shader. If a fragment shader works only on textures does that affect the texel fill-rate OR does texel fill-rate affect things such as the speed of a texture fetch or something. Maybe things will be clear when I understand and experiment with OpenGL but I have no clue (what I DO KNOW is pixel fill-rate).

It should be noted that the guide you’re referring to was written by people with intimate knowledge of the hardware and software. Unless you have similarly intimate knowledge of AMD’s HD-7xxx line, yours isn’t going to be nearly as helpful.

I meant *find. I couldn’t possibly write something like that. I’m trying to find a guid (didn’t see the typo.)

The last programming guide in this style from AMD was for the HD 2000 (ATI Radeon HD 2000 Programming Guide (June 2007)), about the same age of the G80 guide (both OpenGL 3 chips). I’m not aware of complete programming guides for newer cards. There are documents about the GPU architecture and low level technical stuff but few programming oriented docs.

I’ve read part of that article already. I guess GPU’s have become much more flexible today and it comes down closer to good programming practice.