Help with book selection

[Not sure if this should go under beginners or linux programming, so I’m posting under both]

My situation: I’ve got degrees in math and cs, I’m confident with my C programming and I want to try some OpenGL stuff for fun. I’d like to do this on my linux box, I’ve had Debian installed for a little while but I’m no expert on the inner workings of X and my C programming in the non-MS world has been CLI so I haven’t done much GUI.

Basically, the tutorials I’ve found on the web just aren’t complete enough and most assume too much (mostly that I’m using a Microsoft OS). I’d like to get a book or two to get me going so I did some research and considered both ‘Programming OpenGL for the X Window System’ and the Red Book. Here’s where I need help:

Kilgard’s book is kind of old (1996) and I read that some of the examples may use deprecated features of GLX. Since I don’t know much about GLX I’d like to know if there are any online resources that can get me up to speed quick and if this book is still useful regardless.

So, any suggestions? Did I miss any other books that might be better in this situation? Thanks in advance for any help.

If you’re just beginning with OpenGL on X, “OpenGL Programming for the X Windows System” is an invaluable way to begin. A few of his examples are aging, but most of the stuff in there still works great. I wouldn’t use it to attempt to write full-featured apps, but to learn how to use GL, it’s indispensable.