Help with audio question

hi i know that this is not the right place but i dont know which forum to ask this then

i would like to play sounds and music but with out using any library and also being abel to play sounds in other platforms than Windows.

is there any tutorials for creating a sound engine??
thanks in advance.

  1. Short answer: Forget it. You can’t play sounds without using ANY library. Have a look at OpenAL. They don’t have a forum, but they have a mailing list, and I’m sure there are people on that list that can point you to tutorials.

  2. Long answer: Actually that’s not entirely true. At least on Linux you can produce the sound manually, do all mixing and so on yourself and then feed it to the sound device files manually. Of course there is no platform independant way to do this, what I described will work only on Linux, I don’t know if there’s an equivalent for other systems like Mac or Windows.

How to do this: Do a web search for documentation on how the kernel devices work and how to interface to them, a starting point may be the ALSA homepage (haven’t checked, but that’s where I’d start looking). I don’t know where to look for documentation on neccesary techniques for mixing audio etc. Do a web search.

If you don’t know what you should search for, you propably should just return to point 1). What you’re trying to do is like writing a software renderer instead of using OpenGL.

As a last point: This has absolutely nothing to do with OpenGL. It’s unlikely you’ll get any better answer here. Again, try the OpenAL mailing list…