help Win2000

Dear all,
I am using your glut3.7 on Win2000 professional. The compiler is VC++6.0. After one Windows crush, I find that all opengl programs cannot run on my computer. The error message is “The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application.” Would you please help me?
Changjiang Yang

First off, you need to say which gfx card you have. Next, you should get the latest drivers for that card. You might have a card that doesn’t support openGL very well.

what u need to do is every time u start your computer right click on the c drive choose props->hardware->props->disk props and uncheck write cache enabled.
failure to do so can result in win2000 corrupting whatever programs are open at the time. ive lost a few cpp files from crashes from this in win2000 aaaarrrrrrrrgggghhh

Thank you guys. Before the win2000 crash, my computer can run the glut. But after that, every glut application(include demos) cannot work now. Do you have any idea about it? Thank you,
Changjiang Yang

Perhaps your glut32.dll was corrupted during the crash. Try replacing that and see if it takes care of the problem.

Thanks. But I have replaced all the glut dlls and libs, still doesn’t work.

What about OpenGL apps that don’t require GLUT? Do they crash too?

Well do you use Windows?

Uninstall your vc++ and reinstall it