HELP : Unresolved external

i am very new to openGL but i have a lot of experience with c++. Im using the Borland Free Compiler tool…
I have all reqd Li and Header and Dll files… However I get the error "Unresolved external " when I use any of the aux… and glut functions…
please let me know wht to do as i am trying to write my first openGL program

You must link glut32.lib and glaux.lib to your compiler.
there two methods to do this.

  1. link the libraries in the compiler setting
  2. write this #pragma(lib,“glaux.lib”);
    and #pragma(lib,“glut32.lib”);

you must also link opengl32.lib and glu32.lib

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Yeaaa!! For a complete description, click in “Project” “Settings”.

After a new Screen appear, click in “Link”, and in the label “Object Library/Modules” add the text “opengl32.lib glu32.lib glaux.lib”

Your code must compile without errors now!

Fernando: he is using the Free compiler tools - they don’t have any IDE

Fernando, what you described sounds very much like MSVC. gordon9728 said he was using Borland’s compiler.

And bondi, did you foget a “comment” between “#pragma” and “(”?

#pragma comment(lib, “blah.lib”)

Here’s a tutorial page for you to check out:

It comes with a tutorial on how to use the OpenGL API with Borland Command Prompt tools. What I think is wrong is you need a later version of gl.h, which you can also download from here.