help!! unknown bug?? GL ERROR : invalid value

Has anyone any clue on what this exception is refering to?? Could it be a known bug?? or am i not handling my threads well??

GL ERROR : invalid value
GL ERROR : 1281 x 0x501


at gl4java.GLContext.gljCheckGL(GLContext.jave:2249)
at gl4java.awt.GLCanvas.display(
at gl4java.awt.GLCanvas.sDisplay(

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Check the documentation for your development environment on what specific error codes mean, as there is nothing OpenGL specific in your question.

Just to give you a random sample of how this works in another languages (Visual C++):

cd “\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include\GL”
grep 501 GL.h
#define GL_INVALID_VALUE 0x0501