Help!! Stupid banner errors and annoying pop-ups!

Hi! Pleeease help me! I have been searching for an answer for a long time now. When I go to different sites, I can’t view all the banners. Instead a blue “I” is shown. I have also entered sites where I think there should be a pop-up, but instead hundres of error-pop-up-windows are popping up and they are really hard to close. If you want to see how the big “I” looks, click here:

I have an example of it there. “Handlingen blev annulleret” means it didn’t work properly. What shall I do now? What if I need to “update” my java. Where can I download updates for my java??? Please help me, it so annoying. )-:


Java -

I have visited and registrated at the site… but what shall I download? Why it almost all my banners broken??


Please help… it ruins my visit on the internet every time I’m online

You are using an some kind of ad-blocker. Simply switch it of and you will see the spamming banners in all their glory again.

What was your OpenGL question again?

I use pop-up stopper and have turned it off, but it doesn’t help. Maybe I have downloaded some unwanted programs which ruin my view of the banners. It’s not that I want to see the banners, but they are showing up as errors on my computer and breaking some mails that I may be writting, since 1000 of errormessages/pages not found pop up.

Oh, I see. Make sure you put your camera transformations on the modelview matrix, NOT the projection matrix. Other things to look at if things are running slowly are vertex arrays and display lists. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest OpenGL drivers for your video card.


Remember to create extra surfaces for 2-sided polygons.

And don’t forget to compute surface and vertex normals for the new surfaces too.

Whoa… who farted?

ehh… please explain… I’m kinda stupid when it comes to those kinda things… would u please explain who and where I can do that??


Just download Mozilla 1.4b and all your pop-up problems will go bye-bye.

Just select “Block unrequested pop-up windows” under Preferences->Privacy & Security->Popup Windows.

Oh, and ignore the goddam sticky drop down menus… it’s about the only fargin bug left in Mozilla.

Lastly, try to avoid posting your browser woes on the OpenGL 3D graphics forum.

Hi! Thank you very much! I hope it will work fine

And sorry for posting here, but I didn’t know where to search for help anymore. I have been in soo many chatrooms with no respond