HELP: Stencil buffer problem

Stencil buffer works only in applications which compiled not on my computer:
and not works in applications, which compiled from this apllication source code on my computer!
What happened?

I am not LAMER

Um…maybe you don’t have the stencil functions setup right? How are we supposed to know unless you post some code and give more info than “my program don’t work, why?”


Typically there is some kind of runtime test but you may have a compile time test in there also, and don’t have the correct OpenGL header files. Stencil is not an extension but I expect there’s a #ifdef or two in your code that is causing the stencil code path to be compiled out. Try getting the sdk for your card or the glext extension header.

I just thought of something. Are you SURE you requested 8 bits of stencil. I had that problem w/ my first shadow volume program, I assumed I was but my framework was broken and I didn’t know it, so I really wasn’t requesting 8 stencil bits. I was requesting 0 bits. That will cause stencil funcs to not work at all.


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