i have a problem at my program.
there is eye and 2 object box3d (small and big, with bmp texture [all face]).
small box size is 10.0f (rotated)
big box size is 50.0f
small box in the big box.
this eye can move forward and backward.

(my texture 128x128 24bit colour)
when eye see the small box, the small box rotated slow
when eye see the big box, eye movement very slow than it see small box
when eye near the front face box, eye movement very slow too

when i changed my texture with 64x64 24bit colour,
rotated small box and eye movement become little fast.

if my texture disabled, all box and eye movement become normal moved

how to make faster movement for eye and 2 object (with texture)?


I have 2 ideas for your problem:

  1. If you are using symbian - do not use their bitmap surfaces or whatever it is. Do not believe them - use as less as possible symbian code (it is full with bugs). Implement the texture loading yourself - write your own file parser and use the opengl functions only, but NO SYMBIAN.

  2. Are you sure you are not performing he texture creation directly in the rendering function? If so remove it from there and put the code in the initialisation function (texture creation is a ‘run once code’).

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