Help setting up project

hello all…

I’m a win32 guy by trade but I’m really curious about porting some of my stuff over to mac OS

I’m not really familiar with CodeWarrior(5.0)
so I was wondering if someone could provide
a link on setting up a GLproject using CodeWarrior

I’m using a G3 b&w with OS 9 and I’ve already got the OpenGL SDK

Check out the demo programs included with the MacOS OpenGL SDK, they are all CodeWarrior projects. If for some reason you can’t open them with your version of CodeWarrior, start with a MacToolbox PPC project and then add the OpenGL stub libraries to your project.

thanx for the reply DJ…

Code Warrior 5.0 wants to convert the projects in the OGL SDK but no big deal

I think I have my Access paths screwed up
because I keep getting linker errors

I guess I’ll just have to dig into the Code Warrior documentation a little deeper - but
I’ll figure it out

One thing that many ppl forget (myself included) when first compiling OGL projects is to include the resource file from the SDK. Dunno if this is your problem, but you never know

Another thing to be aware of, as well as includeing correct file in project (libs/resources etc.) and getting paths correct, and getting “” and <> correct for includes is that if your code is bugging out for some bizarre reason try upping the memory, as you have to allocate memory to the heap etc on your executable your self…


those were the probs I had when I set up my first project…

I got it all worked out…

thanx again

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