Help setting up please.

I am trying to set up opengl and glut. I am running Windows 98 and will be using Codewarrior 5 to write my programs. I have placed the following files in my system folder; Opengl32.dll, Glu32.dll, and Glut32.dll. What do I do with the following .lib files; Opengl32.lib, glut32.lib, and Glu32.lib? Also, what do I do with the following header files, glu.h and glut.h? Do I have all the files I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi you can put the lib files and the headers whereever you want (and the .dll’s too), but you just need to be able to find them i.e. your compiler needs to find them at build time and the dll’s at run time (you can put the dll’s anywhere on your path e.g. your system folder) it seems like you have everything assuming you have gl.h