Help required to run C++ code with .obj file

Hey guys, I’m very new to OpenGL. I only recently started learning it. I have a problem which might be very simple for you to solve.

I need to run a file I compiled, with a .obj file which contains vertices of a particular shape.

On Linux I used:
./filename objfilename.obj

and it worked.

Right now I’m trying to do the same using CodeBlocks on Windows. The file has compiled fine, but how do i run it with the .obj file?. Because in the CodeBlocks IDE theres only the build and run option. I need the c++ file to manipulate and display the graphic, which I did with the above command on Linux but I dont know how to do it using an IDE.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Huh this has absolutely nothing to do with OpenGL…

What you are trying to do is “pass a commandline argument” to codeblocks. Try adding your “objfilename.obj” (presumably without the *) via the CodeBlocks menu options ie

Project -> Set Program Arguments

thanx marshats! its sorted. Thanks alot man :slight_smile: