HELP - Problems in creating bend pipe sections(ex. 90 deg or 180deg)

Any idea to create 90deg or 180deg bend pipes?

Thanks in advance

P.S: I used gluCylinder and gluDisk to create pipes. I think i have to use glTranslate or glRotate but i can’t figure out how to create the curve.
I tried this link One of the contributer ‘J P’ suggested me to use stuffs in that that page. But I’m not able to download GLE32 from that page because the it’s a broken link.

Any other ideas other than using GLE32 or specifying vertices?

There is source code in MSDN of 3D Pipes screensaver.
Maybe you can use that.
Good luck!

If you want some ideas on drawing bends, the perfect example that comes to my mind is the OpenGL 3D Pipes screen saver source code.
You can get that code from MSDN I believe, or at least could, I know it is on my MSDN Library CD anyway.

The “GLE Tubing and Extrusion” Lib home page

has multiple download site’s. In my opinion

is the best and it is working!

I should also mention that the “GLE Tubing and Extrusion” Lib is distributed with the current version of glut (windows V3.7.6) and this comes with GLE demo apps with VC++ (*.dsw) workspaces.