help. Plz.

I’ve been trying to convert collada to multiverse and it doesn’t seem to work. The following is the error from the Execution Log after attempting to convert a collada model:

>>> Copy <Bed with sheets.dae> to work folder
===========[ Converting ‘Bed with sheets.dae’ ]=============
Command: “C:/Users/pawel/Desktop/sampleworld/Colladas/Bed with sheets.dae”

ERROR [2009-06-04 13:26:00,524] Convert Error converting files: Error in the application.
-2005530516 (D3DERR_INVALIDCALL)
at Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.VertexBuffer…ctor(Device device, Int32 sizeOfBufferInBytes, Usage usage, VertexFormats vertexFormat, Pool pool)
at Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9.D3DHardwareVertexBuffer…ctor(Int32 vertexSize, Int32 numVertices, BufferUsage usage, Device device, Boolean useSystemMemory, Boolean useShadowBuffer)
at Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9.D3DHardwareBufferManager.CreateVertexBuffer(Int32 vertexSize, Int32 numVerts, BufferUsage usage, Boolean useShadowBuffer)
at Multiverse.Serialization.HardwareBufferHelper.AllocateBuffer(VertexData vertexData, UInt16 bindIdx, List1 dataList, BufferUsage vertexBufferUsage, Boolean useVertexShadowBuffer) at Multiverse.Serialization.HardwareBufferHelper.AllocateBuffer(VertexData vertexData, UInt16 bindIdx, List1 dataList)
at Multiverse.Serialization.ColladaMeshInfo.Process(Matrix4 transform, Skeleton skeleton, String baseFile, String animationName)
at Multiverse.Serialization.ColladaMeshReader.Import(Matrix4 transform, Mesh mesh, Skeleton skeleton, String animationName, String materialNamespace)
at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.ReadMesh(String& materialScript, Matrix4 transform, String srcDir, String dstDir, String meshFile)
at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.ConvertFile(String srcDir, String dstDir, String name, Matrix4 transform, Boolean build_tangents, Boolean extract_collision_volumes, Boolean optimize_mesh, String skeleton_file)
at Multiverse.ConversionTool.Convert.Main(String[] args)

Command failed on file <Bed with sheets.dae>
ConversionTool exit code: ‘1’

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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From the description it is a Multiverse issue. But it could be a problem with the collada file as well.
Did you open a bug with them?
Could you post a URL for the opened issue on the multiverse forums?
Is there a multiverse developer that we could talk to?
Is multiverse open source? Are you able/willing to fix this bug yourself with help from this forum?