Help Plz

I have an ATI Radeon 9550 video card I just installed and as far as I know it supports at least opengl 1.5, and right now all I have is 1.1, I have the latest drivers for it. My question is can I manually update opengl, because alot of games require a higher opengl than what I have. Thanks for the help.

Seems like you clicked twice when posting (or refreshed the page) - please remove the other post.

I have the latest drivers for it
Where did you get your drivers from?
You should install drivers downloaded from ATI’s website and no others. Additionally, you should not let Windows search for the drivers - just run the installer you downloaded by yourself.
My friend had 9550 recently and it worked just fine.
You could also try to uninstall drivers and install them again.
Perhaps if someone here had similar problems with this card then he would be able to give you better advice than I did.

I got my drivers from, and I have already uninstalled, and Installed to see if that would help. My card is working fine, but it is just that my opengl is only at 1.1, and I was wanting to know if there was some way to update it since the latest drivers weren’t doing it. Or maybe someone could tell me why it didn’t update opengl…and I did accidentally post this twice and I apologize, but I can’t remove the other post only admins can…Thanks for the help anyways.

Complain to ATI until they fix their drivers :slight_smile: