Help please!!!

Hi all,

I am new in opengl so i need some help.
I try to create an object using a list.
I use this function(face_num is defined above-points needed to create the object)

GLint object()
int i;
int j;

GLint lid=glGenLists(1);
glNewList(lis, GL_COMPILE);

for(i=0;i {
int vi=face_num[j];
glVertex3f (vertices[vi][0],vertices[vi][1],vertices[vi][2]);
glEnd ();

return lis;

In my DrawGlscene i call the function like this


Everything works fine and the object is drawn in the screen.
Now i want to apply a texture to my object. Iknow how to load a texture and all this stuff but i have no idea how to get the coordinates of the object. I have read about automatically calculating the coordinates but i really do not understand that.
I would really appreciate it if you could give me some code…

I would also like to know what happens if your object needs two textures. Does it mean i have to split the object into the two parts and then apply the textures?


It seems to me you don’t really understand the purpose of display lists. As I understand your code, your display function builds a new display list and draws it each frame. This is not a good use of display lists. Build the display list once on program start up, and then just call it every frame instead.

When it comes to texturing, I suggest you read the tutorials here .