help please!!!!!!!!!!!

can someone please help me? i cant get open GL to run in steam and i cant figure out WHY!!

it gives me an error saying “the selected video mode is unavailable, press OK to run in software mode”

please i kno someone else has come across this problem and if anyone knows anything on how to fix it please help!

i kno i had this problem over a year ago because i had requested help from the sierra people and i still have that email msg…but at that time they didnt even help me fix the problem.

OK what’s your video card? Download the driver for it and it will give GL support.

i have an nVidia Vanta CHIPSET…and i HAVE downloaded the drivers…i need some solution OTHER THAN THE STUPID DRIVERS!!!

im thinking about COMPLETELY wiping and the installing windows ME first to see if it works on there…and then installing xp again…

Sorry to hear that.
Download this

run it and what does it say bext for renderer, GL version, vendor?

There’s no need to reinstall your OS. It’s just an issue of drivers.

You can also try searching at

For example, this guy has a Vanta and has some trouble

deguy that link for the steam forums doesnt work…i have an in-depth file about the hardware on my comp if u want…i could send that?

that website doesnt have the video chip listed on it…like on the acutal chip ITSELF it says "Nvidia/ Riva TNT2… but in my computer it says its an nVidia Vanta LT/HP

ALOT of people on this forum have had a problem with open gl/windows/nvidia…

i think it may be some deeper problem…cuz i had it once before but i forget how to fix it…its not something with my computer just with open gl itself…

uhh sorry for double post i cant edit post…in my upper post the link may work but at the time being the steam forums are down for some reason?

if someone would be so nice as to give me a STEP BY STEP list as to how to install the drivers…what i need to download…i woudl HIGHLY appreciate it…i am NOT a noob and dont think i am…ive already exhausted every option that i can think of!

The links work fine for me.
I don’t need to know all your hw.
If you run GLinfo2 from
it will say something about the GL support on your system.

I’m not precisely sure what a nVidia Vanta LT/HP is.
Is this a AGP card or a onboard chipset?
Where do you get your drivers from?

i dont KNO where i can get drivers cuz the comp is too old…its an onboard chipset/integrated video chip…so i really am having trouble finding drivers…nvidia doesnt even support it =\

ok i got the link to run…heres the info from it…

Driver version Unknown
Vendor Microsoft Corporation
Renderer GDI Generic
OpenGL version 1.1.0

Extension lists
Extensions GL_EXT_bgra
WGL extensions

Implementation specifics
Various limitations
Max. texture size 1024 x 1024
Max. number of light sources 8
Max. number of clipping planes 6
Max. pixel map table size 65536
Max. display list nesting level 64
Max. evaluator order 30
Point size range 0.500 to 10.000
Point size granularity 0.125
Line width range 0.500 to 10.000
Line width granularity 0.125
Maximum stack depths
Modelview matrix stack 32
Projection matrix stack 10
Texture matrix stack 10
Name stack 128
Attribute stack 16
Framebuffer properties
Sub-pixel precision bits 3
Max. viewport size 16384 x 16384
Number of auxiliary buffers 0

Since it says

Vendor Microsoft Corporation
Renderer GDI Generic
OpenGL version 1.1.0

there is no hw accelerated GL. It should say something like nVidia Corporation, Vanta HP, 1.1

Drivers for integrated chipsets can be found on the computer manufacturer website (Dell, Compaq, etc) or the motherboard manufacturer website.

no they cant…ive tried downloading many drivers off the stupid nvidia website and they work as far as fixing my resolution…but ive installed steam and it STILL doesnt work (i just wiped out the other day so id be able to test the different drivers) i viewed the driver info and the driver is a 2002 driver…deguy id appreciate if you could tell me what kind of motherboard i have? cuz i honestly have no clue =…the thing is i never had to update anything else OTHER than my drivers before…and ive been using this same comp/playing on steam since 8th grade…(2003)

i dont think the problem is with OPEN GL now because i have another game that uses open gl (soldier of fortune) and i have just been playing that for the last hour and its been working 100000% perfect…so open gl itself may not be the issue it may just be steam?

That doesn’t make much sense unless if you have installed the drivers.

Are you playing SOF in fullscreen?
I would guess whatever game you are playing via Steam tries to work in window mode and you don’t get GL acceleration.

This is just a guess.

yup playin SOF in fullscreen all details on HIGH high contrast high brightness…ive tried playing the steam in a windowed mode but that shouldnt even effect anything…it just wont PLAY using open gl…sure i could prob use D3D(which they didnt offer before) but its slow and it doesnt load right and the graphics arent as good…what other options would u recommend? i already sent the steam support people a really indepth question along with the in-depth report…which i should post on here…

I don’t know the Vanta well since I never owned one but it’s possible that it’s very limited like maybe games need to be in fullscreen and the bits per pixel need to be 16.

SOF is probably doing things right and getting accelerated GL.

The other option is to remember what happened to your machine and why your games stopped functioning :slight_smile:

Can’t help you further.