Help, please, I will love you forever.

I am having the most unbearable time just making a simple room.

gl.glBegin(GL2.GL_QUADS);/* f1: front */
gl.glNormal3d(-100.0, 0.0, 0.0);

I have six of those methods, and no matter how I change them, it does nothing. This is what I see:

Your coordinates arent’t right

I suggest you draw a square on a piece of paper and pretend it is on xy-graph paper and write the x and y coordinates on each corner.

This is your front face with z = 0;
write the code to render this

this is your back face with z = -100.

write the code to render this

Draw that first then think about the top and bottom as being on an xz-graph with y = 0 and y = 100

write the code to render this

combine the code to render to top front back top and bottom

then the do the sides.