help please! (gf3 texturing)

i have a game were coding
and a GF2 machine shows textures just fine,
while a GF3 shows flat shaded.

there is no advanced stuff going on,
just single textured polys.

if i rename nvoglnt.dll to disable hardware
GL, it also works fine.

my question is this,
what states could be getting set incorrectly
or in the wrong order to cause this?




maybe you don’t have actual drivers ?

I had the problem in last summer with a gf2mx400 and untextured models in halflife.
After installing new drivers it worked fine


i found it.

as usual (something stupid)

it was an uninitialized variable
which should have been set == to GL_DECAL.

somehow the GF2 path didnt mind the bogus value, but the GF3 path did.