Help! OpenGL wont work on my GeForce2 MX

every game that uses opengl on my GeForce2MX
doesn’t work. especially quake3. I mean it
works for a couple of minuites but the game
freezes after that. i have downloaded all the latest drivers and it still does the same thing. can somebody help me?

thats i’m afraid due to opengl being crap, stick with directx, it is 100 times more reliable, and the most commonly used program. People like to dis it, but they are usually having problems with it, funny when you consider most games these days are programmed with directx in mind

I have a GeForce2MX and don’t have problems (except my PII-400 is a bit pushed on the frilly bits).
What is your system spec? There may be something else getting in the way…

i have a pc133 P3667mhz motherboard,and i looked inside and theres a little gold colored chip called “pc133 GfXcel”.
my direct3d works fine, but the sound effects
on my games slows down my computer big time. As for my opengl glide games like Quake3 it does the same thing but the game just freezes and repeats sound effects and
theres nothing i can do but reset my computer. the same thing happens on my other games when i choose opengl as my video driver.


OpenGL is multiplatform, it’s faster and has less problems. Direct3D is much easier to program and windows specific. It is not better than OpenGL, both have their weaknesses. In fact a lot of people use D3D without realizing the peformance hits it causes. I have trouble running any D3D game on my geforce2 MX. They run horribly slow while I can play Q3 in OpenGl at 1024x768 with 4X FSAA with no problems. As for the programming part, it is nice to use already coded off the shelf products, but sometimes this is not a good solution. Just last week we were to write a simple OpenGL code to parse data files and draw object on the screen. I used C with simple fget calls. My friend used C++ STL library. What was the difference? my program was 64Ks, much quicker than his and during loading I had a peek of 70% cpu usage for less than a second. His program was 550Ks, slow and it would go on a long 100% peek cpu usage. Of course I spent a week writing the code and he spent 2 days.

As with the guy’s problem with OpenGL. make sure your vid card is not sharing IRQs with your soundcard or anything else. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers? I have my brother look into your problem, he is one of Guru3d Editors. In the mean time, you tell me what h/w config you have. (


I had the same problem with my GeForce2 mx.

I have a via chip set to my solution was installing the 4-in-1 driver upgrade and selecting “STANDARD” agp driver setup and NOT “TURBO”. This apparently slows down the via chipset to 1X!

But now I run opengl no problem, Q3 engine games work fine. Halflife engine games as well…

If you have a via chipset mobo try it out.