Help- OpenGl for SiS 741GX

I just bought an ASRock K7S41GX mobo with onboard video (a 64mb SiS 741), and I can’t find opengl drivers for it anywhere, not even on the SiS website. I email tech support, but they never got back to me. Can anyone help me out?

One search and 15 seconds later…

Hey, i’ve got an iridium laptop and an SiSM650 graphics card, trying to play Knights of the old republic isn’t working as it says i need a non-generic opengl 1.4.0 driver, and i also cant find one on the sis website, help me too!

Integrated Video Chipsets

When your computer has the video chip built on to the motherboard and the system only meets the minimum requirement for RAM, you may experience various problems that occur because the video chipset may use system memory for its video memory. You may experience the following issues:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may not run.

Transitions may be slow.

You may go to a black screen when task switching for a prolonged period of time.

The frame rate may be slow and choppy.

With laptops, generally you have to go to the laptop’s manufacturer’s page for drivers.
Good luck with that.