HELP! OpenGL & 3Dfx

Hi, as i posted before in the GlideSDK topic, i have a problem with OpenGL/Mesa3D and 3Dfx:

I try to build Mesa3D 3.4 with 3Dfx Support under Win32 (Voodoo3 3000 & Win98). This requires a Glide SDK v. 2.4 - 2.51.

After i’d scanned the whole net, i found only a GlideSDK v. 3.0. The problem is, this version is too high for the “newest” available Mesa 3Dfx driver.

Now i give up and ask:
Can anybody send me the glide sdk v2.3 - v.51 (just one of them) please?
Maybe in exchange for my 3.0 sdk
Please dont answer with the links or, i can’t see them for the rest of the year because of all this search engines.

If you want Glide2x ,I have it

Buygrush I send it,but if any problem
go on and
download it

thank you very much!
the glide2x sdk seems to solve the problem with mesa. not mesa-3.4 (some memory/buffer settings are possibly wrong for nmake), but mesa-3.0.