Help on Linux

Could somebody give me detailed Instructions on how to compile, link and run OpenGL(GLUT)-Code under Linux?
When I compile with gcc, I get some cryptic error-messages, one for each called GLUT-function. It says that they are not defined, but everything If found about Mesa, GLX and GLUT on my distribution packages(SuSE 6.3/7.2) is installed.
When I try a makefile of one of the redbook- or GLUT-demos, it says that there is no target defined, but in the makefile there is a warning not to change it.
By the way, what is’ Imake’?
And at last, when I try to run a pre-compiled OpenGL-binary, I get following message:
GLUT: Fatal Error in ‘programname’: OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display: :0
What means ‘display’? Has it something to do with my X-configuration or my graphics-card (Diamond Viper V550(Riva TNT), had no problems writing OpenGL programms with MS-Windows)
Can somebody help me?! Thanks!


First I would like to tell you, that there is a specialized Linux forum here and you can first search an answer to your question there, and second - it is better if you post your Linux related questions there (not nessesary, but I for example more often check the Linux forum, than the Beginners …)

By the way I answered nearly the same question before several days in the Linux forum. The problem is related to the fact, that Suse distro doesn’t install the GL headers, if you don’t install the MESA source.

Here is the tread:
Hope this helps