Help on glutGet...

Anyone knows what is the function in OpenGL that are/is equivalent with “glutGet” function in GLUT?

There’s a whole host of glGet* methods, like glGetString() and glGetIntegerv(), are these the ones you’re looking for?

Check Appendix B in the Red book.

thanx,the function that i need to replace is
glutGet(GLUT_INIT_WINDOW_HEIGHT), so what is it in windows, i mean what is the suitable function for those two GLUT function?any opinion?how to manipulate them using glGetIntegerv & glGetString???

Ah, nope. You can’t get window width or height from glGet* - that’s information you need to get the windowing system to supply.

I presume you’re replacing glutGet* because you’re dropping GLUT support and using native windowing calls? Try looking at the docs for your native interface.

so, do you have any suggestion on what i should use to replace the glutGet function?
for exampla can i just use the absolute value of the window size / width such as 512 x 512 or anything else???