Help needed with skeletal animation !

I want to finish a demo which a character walking around a ground under the control of the mouse,I searched on the net and found that I need to use skeletal animation to implement the effect,but I really very confused with it, so can someone give me some helps on how to implement it?
thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi !

There are many different ways to do it and it all depends on how you want to implement the animation, and it it is not very related to the beginners forum any way.

In 3D modelers you use kinematics and inverse kinemetics do implement many forms of skeletal animation but that is just a tools to help the user of the modeler to create the animation, implementing the animation engine itself in OpenGL is a bit different, one way is to make some algorithm to make the character walk, a bit tricky though, another way is to create the animation in a 3D modeler like 3D Studio and load the resulting file into your application and use that information to run the animation yourself, it is not very easy to give a straight answer to you as the subject spans a pretty wide area.