Help! Need to simulate clouds

Can someone tell me how I can show clouds in a background using openGL? I am very new to openGL. :frowning:

What are your requirements on these clouds? Where can the eyepoint be relative to these clouds? Is a static sky OK? If so, you can just pick up a pretty sky cube map off the web and use it. Heck, if your eyepoint can’t rotate, you can even pick up a 2D sky image and just plaster it behind your scene.

It all depends on what your needs are.

Thank you.Well first I will put like some clouds showing at the bottom and particles getting attracted to it. And particles above it getting attracted to each other until everything get closer and more compact. Then I will change the scene to show circular compact clouds spinning.

So what I need are:

-particles(e.g., gas and dust) moving closer to each other and then attracting more particles

  • clouds at the bottom of the scene and particles being attracted towards it.
    -compact clouds spinning in a circle

I am so clueless about how to achieve this in openGL… I think I will just paste clouds at the bottom of the scene and then try figure out on the particle system.

Can you advise me if that will work? And can you advise me on how or where I should start learning particle system to achieve such a result.

Thank you in advance

what you want is not what most of us would call clouds. Clouds, cloud planes, skyboxes are all things games implement to simulate the sky in an outdoor environment.
What you need is quite specific and you need to create a particle system to render lots and lots of, well, particles.
To get each particle to be attracted to a centre of mass and the like, I suggest you also start investigating the laws of physics and add these properties to each GL particle you create.
Intel wrote a lovely article on multi-threading OpenGL and the demo program does exactly what you need!
see: Threaded Cross-Platform Game Development

Thank you.

Well I am off to studying particle systems.