Help me!

I got vc++ 6.0 std and i now c++ programming and i want to create a own 3D Game Engine or modify other like the Titan Engine. So what i want is very very good tutorials how to create a 3D engine that reads and renders q3 maps and models. So i want to create a FPS game with i want to be very realistic. How can i render q3 maps and move around in there and how can i render models?! Please help

i wouldn’t work on a 3D engine until after you’ve written the space shuttle control system for micro linux all compressed down on a 3.5" floppy with optional plugins for nuclear power station controlers.

Alternatively, you could check out crystal space. Do a search for it.


Hmmm, good point, john! I’ll write such a thing, have never been a friend of the easy way…

Well that wasn’t give mutch help but i want tutoorials!

If you want some really cool tutotrials goto:

Er, i wasn’t being flippant about the crystal space thing.


i’ve been the nehe’s and iam starting to do it when we have winter holidays
thx anyway