Help me~~~~

I have my own 2D face image and 3D OpenGL face model with triangle polygon mesh.

How can I map my face texture on 3D model?
I wonder if I have to segment my face image to every pieces of triangle mesh and map each piece on every mesh in 3D model.

if I have to do that, in my opinion, this operation will take too much times.

Plz~~ tell me how to map 2D face texture on 3D model
thank you for your time…^^

Why not a planar mapping and texture prepared for this use ?


I m sorry I can’t understand what you said. Could you tell me more precisely?

Sorry byt I’m not very good in English…
Well, you can use a planar mapping to project your 2D image into your entier 3D model ( glTexEnv(GL_S, GL_TEXTURE_GEN_MODE, GL_OBJECT_LINEAR); glTexEnv(GL_S, GL_OBJECT_PLANE, planeParameter, 4); etc… ). Nevertheless when using a such mapping the texture will be look stretched on faces which are not coplanar… So you can work on your 2D image with PhotoShop for example to anticipate and thus smooth the artifact…

I hope you understand me…but ask me if you don’t !

Note, that is not a fabullous solution…

You have to specify texture coordinates for your vertices. You dont have to split the image for each triangle, they could use the same texture image.

Knowing what texture coordinates to use can be tricky specifying by hand. Atleast on such meshes as a human face. If you got some modelling program, try looking for mapping options.

Or how did you get the human face?