Help me with bitmap file

Did someone know how to manipulate with bitmap file(*.bmp) in deep , or you can tell me some e_book or website that show me how to do that ? Thank you very much

You can check NeHe lesson 6 (texture mapping using bitmap) out

NeHe GL is very complete and interessant, you can learn many techniques to manipulate bmp files

hope that helps

Thank you very much
I’m doing my college project about that,you don’t know how much important your site help me.
if something more i can’t understand,can i ask you for more? GOLLUM :confused: :confused: has information about most graphics file formats out there.


Glad to help you
You can also ask others forumers, they’re certainly more capable than me, but i’d try to answer if you have a problem of course

You can send private message through this forum, i’ll be emailed immediately on my instant messenger

Thank you but what is your e_mail can you give me yours .