Help me to begin!!

I need to known how to create a window with a toolbar and a menu with opengl and visual c++ .And if you have any example , please send me , ok?

Toolbars and menus are a VC++/win32 issue. You need to examine the documentation or consult with an appropriate news group.

But how I can put the menu and toolbar in a window of opengl??? in a lenguaje visual c+??

hhhm try to use MFC it’s very to create a toolbar and a menu when useing MFC but don’t ask me how to draw opengl stuff with MFC maybe you can finde some info’s one

MFC has a sample called CUBE. It implements opengl in a View. I think this will help.

For VC++ and MFC newbies seeking a cogent example of OpenGL coding, check out:

which is about as entry-level as VC++/MFC gets.