[Help me plz] about Program parameters (constants)

I’m a Univ student who is studying for Vertex_Shader. Could you give me a tip if u know about this below :

In OpenGL ARB vertex program, there is refered of Env & Local parameters. What I’m
wondering is Is there each specification of the Parameters in Memory up to 96 ? or Both of them is used by vertex_shader in a same memory space that can be allocated up to 96?

I want to know the structure of both of parameters inside system. About that is not clear in my brain.
In addition , I don’t know exactly the difference of between Env parameter and Local parameter. could you let me know the usage of both of parameters?

please let me glance ur knowledge.
Great Thanks. [email:yauuq7ws]edaumelive@hotmail.com[/email:yauuq7ws]

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I think you’re strugling with the concept of how the vertex program is run. A vertex program is fed by state from the application and per vertex attributes, the program may also require its own temporary variables. Se my other post, this seems like a dupe.

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