help me, pls..

I want to draw a torus, my function is
gltDrawTorus(parameters) but i got the link errors such as :

unresolved external symbol _gltInitFrame
unresolved external symbol _gltMakeShadowMatrix
unresolved external symbol _gltDrawTorus

can any one pls tell me what is the problem?


I haven’t seen a glt extension before, what library is it? Anyway since it says unresolved external symbol it means it can find the .lib file (or .o if you’re using linux).
What you need to do is to tell the compiler where to find the “glt.lib” (or whatever its name).
In visual studio you go to project properties->linker->additional libraries if I remember correctly.
In gcc you probably should provide -lglt or something. Post again if you need further help.

Thanks a lot, I have made the mistake, actually it is the function which reside in other header file. Thanks a lot.

isnt it glut instead of glt?

no, its not the glut problem, because part of my gl coding is from my friend, and according to him, that is the function written by opengl superbible’s author. the author keeps the function into other separate header file, that is why i have that errors. anyhow, i still don’t have time to really figure it our actually due to the workload.