help me please

i am using Red Hat 9 OS. and the intel C++ compiler.

when i am trying to compile the program this following are experienced. can any one bring me out please…

complilation command is:

icc -o glxsimple glxsimple.c -lGL -lXext -lX11

errors are:

return type of function “main” must be “int”
warning #266: function declared implicitly
ld : con not find -lXext

my doubt:

is any special software(libraries) need to be install to run OpenGL?

help me please…

thanks & regards


A. Your subject line should be relevant to the specific issue you’re having.

B. You wrote: help me please…
Helping you is only a side-effect of folks here looking into problems that interest them.

to the best of my knowledge, standard C/C++ specifies that the main function should return an int (void isn’t acceptable). many compilers don’t enforce this, but obviously yours does. declare main as “int main (void)” and return 0 at the end.