help me please

ok i got windows xp x64 my opengl was working all good just before i updated my comp. but now whenever i go to play a game it comes up wif a opengl initialization failure. please verify that ur card in opengl compliant… and it not like i got an old card (gf4 fx5900) wif not the latest but close to it. (new driver 71.89 i got 71.84) should still work in my books… any1 else got any ideas or solutions to my problam?? please help me :smiley:

Update your drivers (77.72 currently), and also, if you are running WinXP 64, it’s recommended that you have 2GB RAM on your system, so that you won’t have problems when running 32-bits applications (Which I believe all of the games are, except for FarCry with the 64-bit patch).