Help Me...In Terms I might understand

OK, i have a problem, i think its my Direct3D something(im not particularly good with computers, that why i need help). Anyway when i play a game it keeps freezing up…the game is Diablo 2, if that matters. I played it before on my comp before the troubles and it worked fine, so requirements is not the issue maybe. I go into the D2 folder and a notepad has appeared with some gibberish that i dont really understand. Heres a part of it that it didnt seem cool with, it said : Direct3DDetect…,Detecting boards which support Direct3D…,Checking capabilities of NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD…,***** Direct3D error: Create 3D HAL Device (mode enumeration) failed! - D3D_OK (0x0),***** Direct3D error: Create 3D HAL Device (mode enumeration) failed! - D3D_OK (0x0),Supports 24 bit cutscenes.,Couldn’t find valid display mode for user interface screens.Couldn’t find valid display mode for game screens.Destroyed D3D window.Found no valid Direct3D devices to use!GlideDetect…Detecting boards which support Glide…Missing glide3x.dll. Assuming no 3dfx boards present!Done with Detection phase…Creating final dialog …recommending ddraw0 in final dialog. Displaying info message in final dialog.Show window in final dialog… In detail of what the error looks like…it appears that in the game it has frozen and it keeps repeating some noise(it always seems to happen when a sound is played, the sound keeps repeating. There is no error message and i cant alt tab out or ctr alt del. I had a friend try to help me, and he turned off all sound capabilities, but it still froze up. Now, i have no idea if thats my problem, or have any idea what im doing. Im currently running Directx9.0b by the way, if thats any help. Please tell me whats going on, and if you can help, give links and detailed replys.

NOT sayin this will work but have you tried downloading directX.9??? it might help cuz i got d2 and d2:LOD and it worked for me!(-;

(-8 (-; (-: (8 (:

I guess the question is, does the “NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD” support DirectX?

I couldn’t find an answer.

probably not if he has to download directx 9.0 like me…