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Can anybody please let me know how to draw a 3d figure, say a shpere(not the inbuilt one), in case if I want to draw my own sphere or some 3d object then how should i proceed.

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Just think of your figure as lots of vertices an pass them to opengl with glVertex3f(, forming polygons

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Take a look at the source code for OpenGL and see how they do it, either download the SGI sample OpenGL implementation or download Mesa and have a look at the gluSphere sorce code.


Thanks for your reply. Is ther any other way to rendera 3d object(i mean other than calculating all the vertices manually and so on).
Or this is the only way of rendering 3d objects,

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Well you could use some 3d modeller such as 3d studio or milkshape to create your 3d object, and then make proper file import code to extract vertices, texcoords, etc…