Help me i need library : afxwin.h and glext.h

help me i need library : afxwin.h and glext.h .

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Rafał Bator

afxwin.h and glext.h are header files, not libraries.

ZbufferR provided a link to glext.h above, which is free and provided by .

I’m not sure about afxwin.h, but I had an issue with getting afxres.h so the solution for you might be similar. (I use the ancient Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compiler, because that’s what I like, and it might generate code that includes different headers than whatever version of compiler you are using.) Anyway, afxres.h, and several other afx*.h files, are provided by Microsoft. Here’s the block comment at the top of afxres.h:

// This is a part of the Microsoft Foundation Classes C++ library.
// Copyright (C) 1992-1998 Microsoft Corporation
// All rights reserved.
// This source code is only intended as a supplement to the
// Microsoft Foundation Classes Reference and related
// electronic documentation provided with the library.
// See these sources for detailed information regarding the
// Microsoft Foundation Classes product.

That gives lots of clues about the afx*.h files. They are part of MFC. The way I got afxres.h on my computer was by installing MFC on my computer once as part of my installation of Visual C++ 6.0 (it’s an installation option). (Ordinarily, I would never install MFC on my computer because I don’t like putting a bunch of crap on my computer that I never use.) So, even though I don’t use MFC, and will never use MFC, Microsoft forced me to include a file for optional features that is never actually used, just so I can compile my programs. Anyway, I made a copy of afxres.h and copy it into Visual C’s installation directory so I don’t have to install MFC anymore.

And here’s plan B:

Google is your friend.

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Could You send me as afxwin.h , not .html

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hey you know there are nifty commands that allows to select all text, copy it, then paste it ? Voilà your .h-not-.html !

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