HElp me can't install opengl driver

if i try to install the opengl driver of my graphic card it gives the error

C:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt the system file is not suitable for ms-dos and microsoft windows- applications

first things first :

  1. which manufacturer
  2. which card (and chip)
  3. which OS ?

Are you sure you downloaded the correct driver ?

yes i have dowloaded the right driver for my grapic card

its a ati pro

The are several bad ATI drivers out there for that which will not work. The only one found that works (at least for Windows 98) is the one called w98rxl4122647.exe

Note that the above driver insists DirectX7 is installed (in order to install the OpenGL ICD), even though the machine may have DirectX8 or higher, so one must Google for a out in the wild since it does not appear to be on Microsoft site any longer.

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