Help me buy a graphics card

Hi all,
I am a new commer to the OPENGL. I am planning to do a small course on graphics. My current card sis6326 doesn’t support opengl, hence i intend to buy a new one. i have almost decided on Riva TNT. Can u please guide me in this. I stay in india (Mumbai). which card i should buy. as far as i understand there are many companies which sell graphics cards having riva tnt chip. they range from as low as Rs. 2000 to as high as Rs.6000. I am quite confused. Your help is needed and that to fast, because the module will start from next week. one more thing it should also be supported by standard linux distributions like red hat

I recommend Ge-gorce2 MX 400 i have the TNT2 and is grat but the GF have lot of new cool features…
in linux you can use any kind of chipset of nvidia (GF, TNT, TNT2) but you need download form nvidia home page the driver for linux…

oye nikhil yaar, get a Tnt2 those come in very cheap, and are good enough for a graphics course. Geforce2 MX is if you have a bit more money, and if cash is nothing to you get a whomping Geforce3!!

When i was in India, I use to write code on paper and submit it to be graded, what happened to that .